CboysTV on Destroying a Canadian Landmark

In today's podcast the boys get international and head up to Canada and sit down on the couch and hang with our friends. We talk about Brett Turcotte’s X Games, near death snowmobiling experiences, we introduce you to the most Canadian man we know, Tim Hortons, concussions, and then our friend David McKinney from 509 joins us and tells YOU how to get sponsored.  Thanks to our sponsors! Save 20% right now at https:www.tommyjohn.com/wideopen Get a 60-day free trial at https://www.shipstation.com/wideopen Thanks to ShipStation for sponsoring the show! Cut your wireless bill to 15 bucks a month at https://www.mintmobile.com/wideopen  Right now, get up to 55% off your subscription when you go to https://www.babbel.com/wideopen Follow us on Instagram @cboystv and @lifewideopenpodcast To watch the podcast on YouTube: https://bit.ly/LifeWideOpenYT Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you're listening or by using this link: https://bit.ly/LifeWideOpenWithCboysTV If you like the show, telling a friend about it would be amazing! You can text, email, Tweet, or send this link to a friend: https://bit.ly/LifeWideOpenWithCboysTV You can also check out our main YouTube channel CboysTV: https://www.youtube.com/c/CboysTV Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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