Corona Bloody Virus Extraordinary Episode 76: SilverFinger Singh

I had a fabulous chat with Raj aka SilverFinger Singh.We talked about his music career, Leeds 2023, Hyde Park Unity Day, his BBC Radio Leeds show, about his father, the acclaimed percussionist, Inder Goldfinger Matharu and much more!Raj chose to feature his new single "Lioness" out on 21.07.21 - it's a brilliant track dedicated to the amazing women in their lives - highlighting their Strength, Beauty, Love and Commitment."SilverFinger Singh is back with his brand new single titled LIONESS Featuring Leeds based Singer / Songwriter: G Exclusive.Song written by SilverFinger Singh & G Exclusive and Music created by Desi HipHop Producer Harm Sandhu who has previously composed alongside -Singer's & MC's such as DIVINE, Sikander Kahlon, Big Boi Deep, Straight Bank, Verbal Singh & many more.This track is a global sound, with a fusion of HipHop, UK Desi Rap featuring Eastern percussion recorded by Inder Goldfinger Matharu."

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