466: The Night of a Thousand Errors

We were fixing servers all night, but at least we have a great story. A special guest joins us to help make a big show announcement.Special Guest: Tim Canham.Sponsored By:Tailscale: Tailscale is a Zero config VPN. It installs on any device in minutes, manages firewall rules for you, and works from anywhere. Get 20 devices for free for a personal account. Linode Cloud Hosting: A special offer for all Linux Unplugged Podcast listeners and new Linode customers, visit linode.com/unplugged, and receive $100 towards your new account. Support LINUX UnpluggedLinks:Systemd Creator Lands At MicrosoftBrunch with Brent: Quentin Stafford-FraserBrunch With Brent: Tim Canham — Brent sits down with Tim Canham, Senior Software Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We explore topics including the hardware and software powering NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter; JPL's switch from Solaris to Linux; the open source projects, tools, and philosophy at JPL, ...and more.JPL Free Public ToursWest Coast Crew Matrix RoomJupiter.party - The JB Network Membershipptpython — A better Python REPL.IPython — A powerful interactive shell.bpythonJupyter NotebooksNextjournalJoe’s minimal implementation of Git ~300 LOCPodcasting 2.0 AppsPick: dua-cli — View disk space usage and delete unwanted data, fast.dust — A more intuitive version of du in rust.parallel-disk-usage — Highly parallelized, blazing fast directory tree analyzer.dirstat-rs — (fastest?) disk usage cli, similar to windirstat.dutree — a tool to analyze file system usage written in Rust.F’ — A Flight Software and Embedded Systems Framework.quickemuPlay webtorrent’s with mpv

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