Tisdagar Lipstick on the Rim

The 411 on Hormones, Boosting Metabolism & The Way to Drink and Still Lose Weight with Endocrinologist, Dr. Jordan Geller

av Lipstick on the Rim | Publicerades 6/15/2021

Today, we’re in a real life episode of Grey’s Anatomy, with Molly’s Endocrinologist, Dr. Geller. He is the man that helped Molly get to the root of her problems post-pregnancy when no one else believed her. Tune in for his thoughts on the best alcohol for weight loss, the dangers of plastic and the benefits of adaptogens. We learn how to best take care of our hormones, and tricks for boosting our metabolism, while Dr. Geller shares what a doctor really eats in a day.    You can find Dr. Jordan Geller at @geller.endocrinology and at www.jordangeller.com   For products mentioned in this episode, head to https://www.mollysims.com/blog/category/lipstick-on-the-rim/   Produced by Dear Media. 

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