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What you should know about advertising on AdWords vs. Social.

How much money have you wasted on Google or Facebook ads because you didn’t understand how to play the ad game? It stops today my friend! Listen in as I explain the difference between Google AdWords and Social ads – and when it’s appropriate to use which. In this episode, you will learn how and when to use these ad types to maximize your efforts, plus winning strategies based off of your audience’s mindset.  So buckle up, because we’re taking off! For more info go to:

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This is your Digital Marketing School! Each week we will break down complex marketing strategies into bite-sized steps you can take immediately to reach your most profitable audience online. Join Liquis Digital founder and your marketing maestro of 13+ years, Brad Ball, as he discusses topics in the realm of organic reach, offer optimization, paid advertising, email marketing, content creation, promotion techniques, and much more.