Our One and Only Atonement

During today’s conversation on Back Porch Theology we’re diving deep into the biblical concept of atonement – which the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible describes as: the act by which God and man are brought together in personal relationship. The term atonement is derived from Anglo-Saxon words meaning “making at one,” hence “at-one-ment.” It presupposes a separation or alienation that needs to be overcome if human beings are to know God and enjoy a relationship with Him. In Romans 5:11, Apostle Paul frames it like this: And not only that, but we shall also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement – which in many Bible translations is called the reconciliation. Now, we want to make a wee qualification before we commence conversating because there are as many theories of atonement as there are ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins. We don’t have enough time or thick enough skin to delve into all of the nuances of atonement, much less whether it’s limited or universal so we’re taking the risk of being equal opportunity offenders to both hyper-Calvinists and enthusiastic Arminians! But the theological axis we are going to unify around today is how through His vicarious, substitutionary, and sacrificial death on the cross, Jesus atoned for our sin and satisfied the demands of God’s perfect justice. In other words, we believe Scripture clearly reveals that we can’t save ourselves so our Heavenly Father mercifully sent His only begotten Son to pay the price humanity couldn’t possibly afford so as to reconcile us to Himself. Easter was a “consequent absolute necessity.” This episode might feel a bit like drinking from a firehose, so please grab a big cup of coffee and your Bible – unless you’re driving or practicing roping steers, of course – and come hang out on the porch with us!  Follow Us On Instagram! @BackPorchTheologyPodcast @LisaDHarper @AllisonAllen @Jim.Howard.Co  Sponsored by Talk About from Awana. Get 1 month free at TalkAboutDiscipleship.com keyword Lisa Harper Save on the Dwell Bible App at dwellapp.io/LisaHarper  See "Jesus" for free on Sight and Sound TV. Learn more at Sight-Sound.TV

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