Build Your Brand! Ali Wise of Wise Property Group Joins Me!

Happy Friday! Ali Wise joins me on today's episode. She and her husband Buck are KILLING it on the real estate front and they want to help you blow up your brand to something extrarordinary. Buck was on 2 weeks ago and you can listen to him here. Ali and Buck are so pumped to share with you all their tips and tricks, that they've decided to hit the road and come to a city near you. Fortunately for me, Dallas is their first stop and their event is coming up this Wednesday. If you're a real estate agent and ready to take your brand to the next level, you're the perfect candidate to attend their session. Go to to see if Buck and Ali are coming anywhere close to you. Follow Ali on IG @AliWiseRealitor Follow Buck on IG @AboutBuck I've been taking Nutrafol daily for months now and while my hair looks great, I have to say that it's doing a number on my eyelashes! I'm so happy with the results. You'll get $15 off your first subscription plus free shipping when you use "Lisa" at checkout. Built Bar's Brownie Batter Puffs are FINALLY HERE!!! Omgosh, legit a healthy candy bar. I love the puff bc #MARSHMALLOW Use "LisaPaige" to save a couple of bucks at checkout! For everything else, go to LISAPAIGEMADEMEDOIT.COM 972-890-9467 is my HOTLINE. Call anytime and leave a message.

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