Ep 54. Dealing with Change, Being Uncomfortable and Dreaming Big.

In this episode, I chat about life in California, how the move has been for me and how I've been dealing with change and being out my comfort zone every day. I answer some questions regarding the move that you asked on social media and I got really honest about the transition to America and how I've been holding multiple truths. The Divine Retreat My first ever wholesome, intimate, and immersive self-love retreat.Sign up to the exclusive list and get more details HEREPsychotherapist (BACP) / Self Love Coach / SpeakerCounselling Directory Profile Instagram @selflove.lydiaYoutube - selflovelydia TikTok @selflove.lydiaPinterest @selflove.lydiawww.selflovelydia.comhello@lydiamccartney.com

Om Podcasten

Hello and welcome to my podcast little girls aren’t taught this. I’m your host self-love Lydia former self-love coach turned business coach and mentor. This is the podcast where you get clarity on exactly what it takes to create an authentic business that allows you to scale sustainably. Il discuss why strategy meets self-love & spirituality has been the foundation of my success and got me where I am today After creating two successful brands & businesses driven by impact, I generated thousands in income through the power of authenticity, life-changing signature programs and passion for what I sell I am on a mission to show you what’s possible when you lead with purpose, sell with passion and create a brand that gets you mentioned at the fucking table. My intention is to empower you with raw topics each week on business, self-love, female empowerment, and spirituality so you can create freedom in your life with biz you love .