Olivia Wayne - LITM - #5 Mars Lord - Laughing, red wine and being with your people

*MASSIVE APOLOGIES FOR POOR SOUND QUALITY* a technical fault when recording has made this sound quality incredibly poor but the wisdom and insight from Mars is too important not to share, so please forgive the quality. Mars Lord is a coach and birth activist. A triple award winning doula, mentor, educator and coach with over 15 years experience. She is an Inclusion Consultant to several large companies causing them to look deep into their practise to make systemic and structural change. Her activism and advocacy for black and mixed heritage women has seen her speak on all major news outlets and it was a pleasure and privilege to natter with her about her work, BLM and what keeps her Living in the Moment. A massive thank you to Never For Ever in Kentish Town (neverforeverkt.com) for providing us with the dreamiest setting to record (and the best beer and pizza afterwards), and to Hunnimoss Films (hunnimossfilms.com) for production.

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Olivia Wayne interviews a host of inspiring guests in order to find out the ways they overcome hardship and set backs to remain present and living in the moment. We learn about how seemingly successful, happy and inspiring people keep motivated and remember to enjoying living life to the fullest, no matter what they come up against (global pandemic included!)