Justin Babcock: The Show Must Go On

The pandemic has made life and the love of creating music difficult for many. It hasn't been any easier on vocalist and songwriter Justin Babcock. Even so, he pushes forward to share his passion and talent with the world. Justin recounts early high school days, getting the attention of the local police, and getting to D.A.R.E. kids in the local schools all in the name of rock and roll. Travel Time: "O, Canada." Traveling internationally, even to the country bordering the United States, can be intimidating, and stressful for the average sightseer. In this part, we look at recommendations for entering the country, airlines, airports, and car rental companies.  If you plan on traveling to any part of Canada more than once in the next 5 years do yourself a favor and apply for NEXUS. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/livelifeloud/support

Om Podcasten

Featuring guests throughout the music industry. We dive into life, adversities, and the refusal to let go of their dreams. There's more; every 30-minute episode has multiple segments, but not always the same, that may include- Deep Shower Thoughts. Travel Time: Journey through the US & Ontario, Canada. Sharing insight from first-hand experiences at hotels, eateries and places to visit, and tips to make the most of your time. Gear in Here: A look at equipment used making the podcast & music for the show. Find out more, and get a look inside the show, at www.decibolic.com. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/livelifeloud/support