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The final chapter in a trilogy featuring the conversation with Justin Babcock, he shares the inner turmoil of rising success and following his heart that lead to Fate's disbanding. Justin takes us through relocation to the Detroit area, his time in Abandon, and what lead to founding and the longevity of Black Soul Swamp. We also get an glimpse inside the writing and recording process, and Justin shares thoughts from the heart. Deep Shower Thought: How deep can it get? Travel Time: O, Canada the 3rd - Canadian Baking (West Side). This installment will bring to close the first trilogy of Travel Time in the Greater Toronto Are. Recounting the most memorable places for Breakfast and Dinner from London to Brampton, and a few worth avoiding as well. I found some amazing places, from hometown appeal at The Spare Parts Diner, to my favorite location for Chinese buffet-style eating at Mandarin. Beyond the Episode Justin Babcock is more than a pretty voice. For over a decade Justin has been pouring his life talent and soul out through paintings.  Head over to to view his artwork currently available for sale.  DISCLAIMER: Decibolic, LLC,, and Life Life Loud: The Decibolic Podcast have no responsibility in any transactions conducted. All transactions are handled through PayPal for the security of both the artist and the buyer. --- Support this podcast:

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Featuring guests throughout the music industry. We dive into life, adversities, and the refusal to let go of their dreams. There's more; every 30-minute episode has multiple segments, but not always the same, that may include- Deep Shower Thoughts. Travel Time: Journey through the US & Ontario, Canada. Sharing insight from first-hand experiences at hotels, eateries and places to visit, and tips to make the most of your time. Gear in Here: A look at equipment used making the podcast & music for the show. Find out more, and get a look inside the show, at Support this podcast: