That Ampeg Guy: Dino Monoxelos

The name might not be familiar, but his influence and importance to the community of bass guitar players around the world could not speak louder. As Brand Marketing Manager for AMPEG, Dino has kept the soul of grit, growl and grind of the iconic line alive for over 15 years. This and his proficiency of all things bass has made him the one-to-know for the likes of Rudy Sarzo, Eva Gardner, Nathan East, Darryl Jones, Liam Wilson,  Marco Mendoza, and many, many more (check out the current roster of artists for Ampeg!) In each episode we will get to unpack a little more info, from Dino's early days playing, to his time studying and teaching at Bass Insitute of Technology (Musician's Institute in California). You can read his official Ampeg bio here. Dino has faced down many challenges throughout life, and in all of them he triumphed. In our conversation on thing is clear: Dino knows how to live life loud. Segments in this episode: Deep Shower Thought you never know what brainstorms might have nearly circled the drain until you here this episode's edition. Travel Time. What do a Dodge Challenger, a very small airport, a broken statute of Captain Morgan, and a map of Wisconsin covering a stretch of road over 6 hours long have in common? In this edition I recall the Good, Bad, and Ugly of my first time traveling to and through Wisconsin. --- Support this podcast:

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