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Ep #47: Making the Hard Decisions to Live a Life of Joy with Madi Nelson

av Living Fully with Mallory Ervin | Publicerades 9/21/2020

Get ready for a great episode because I have Madi Nelson with me today! If you’re not familiar with her, Madi is an online blogger and founder of Talulah, an online-only boutique for women, men, and kids that curates high-quality fashion at affordable prices. After starting her shop in late 2018—after years of selling her pre-owned clothes on Instagram—Madi has turned Talulah into a thriving business that leads the top 1% of online boutiques and employs 26 people. Listen in as Madi shares her journey and some of the hard (but necessary) decisions that led her to crushing it in life and business today. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3msT1zb 

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We all need some encouragement and inspiration on this journey of being human. Life is about finding joy, happiness, satisfaction, and learning how to be connected in a world where so many people feel numb. Join Mallory Ervin as she brings the stories and lessons she and her guests have learned to help you awaken to your best life and truly begin LIVING FULLY. Mallory Ervin is a small town girl turned internet star. She grew up on a farm in Kentucky, the oldest of 23 first cousins destined for big things. After college she was Miss Kentucky and a runner up in the Miss America Pageant and a three time contestant and runner up on The Amazing Race with her father as her partner. Mallory then went on to host her own travel shows and become an online personality. She currently shares content on her YouTube channel and on social media with nearly 400K followers, bringing a voice of joy to the online community; a voice of authenticity, positivity and light. Mallory continues to build an online brand that inspires others to begin LIVING FULLY. She resides in Nashville, TN with her husband Kyle and their children.