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Legal and Ethical Problems with AI

Featuring Richard Hyde on the legal and ethical ramifications of trust and AI and panel members Alan Chamberlain and Paurav Shukla on everything from selling your home cooking on WhatsApp through to wondering how much we want to know about how clean it is in the factory that made our food.  Alan Chamberlain Paurav Shukla Sean RileyTexas Energy Crisis (The Verge) Richard HydeHome Cooking Food Standards Passengers Movie (Internet Movie Database)12 Angry Men (Internet Movie Database)Nestlé, Carrefour Put Mashed Potatoes on the Blockchain (Techmonitor)Uber stripped of London licence due to lack of corporate responsibility (The Guardian) 

Om Podcasten

This podcast digs into key issues that arise when building, operating, and using machines and apps that are powered by artificial intelligence. We look at industry, homes and cities. AI is increasingly being used to help optimise our lives, making software and machines faster, more precise, and generally easier to use. However, they also raise concerns when they fail, misuse our data, or are too complex for the users to understand their implications. Set up by the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub this podcast brings in experts in the field from Industry & Academia to discuss Robots in Space, Driverless Cars, Autonomous Ships, Drones, Covid-19 Track & Trace and much more. If you have any questions or suggestions for future topics, please email us at - You can find out more on our website at #TASHub