Living with Landyn with Landyn Hutchinson

2. Anne Claire: How I Met My Right Hand Gal + A Day in the Life

av Living with Landyn with Landyn Hutchinson | Publicerades 5/11/2020

Behind every strong woman is another strong woman.

This has been Landyn's mindset from day one of building her brand - and continues to be today.

Which is why it is only fitting that Landyn's right-hand gal, boss babe in charge, Anne Claire, is her first interview.

Endearingly mistaken as 'Aunt Claire' on Instagram at times, this dynamic duo is diving into how they met, their mindset on figuring brand next steps, and how to maintain a sense of work life balance.

You'll laugh. You'll get organized. And you will soon be included on a lot of inside jokes.

This episode is the comic relief we need to be reminded we are all figuring it out together - one step at a time.

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