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Living With...the End in Mind: Sonya Goins Part Two

Sonya Goins is a broadcast journalist, a marathoner and a woman who has been living with Crohn's Disease since she was a college student. Her friends all say Sonya is an inspiration, a bright light, who doesn't let the serious gastrointestinal disease dictate her life. In this second part of host Cathy Wurzer's conversation with Sonya, she's finding her battle with Crohn's has prepared her for an even tougher fight. If you'd like to donate to Sonya's Go Fund Me campaign, here's the link: the show (

Om Podcasten

There are a lot of people who are living inspired and expansive lives in spite of serious illness or even impending death. How do they do that? What can the rest of us learn from these courageous souls? That's thread behind Living With, a story series where we can learn how to live with challenges rather than ignore or run away from them.