Living Your Truth

Enjoying The Process with Rubeena (The Gray Muse)

av Living Your Truth | Publicerades 12/30/2019

Rubeena is the business owner of a creative shop, The Gray Muse, a social worker and a psychotherapist by profession. The Gray Muse was founded in 2019 and it is the first enamel pin shop designed specifically with crafters and artists in mind. In this episode, we talked about setting up a creative business for yourself, enjoying the process more than the outcome, finding your own version of success and the importance of listening to your own intuition to guide the way.

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Living your truth is a weekly podcast for creative humans who don’t like to fit in a box, who have multiple passions to follow, who are curious and eager to forge their own path in their own unique, messy and human way, who are ready to make things happen and in their own time. This is a safe space for honest, deep and meaningful conversations about living your truth out loud as a creative. The show is hosted by Hira Sameer Ahmed, artist and a creative coach helping quietly courageous creative humans in finding their focus, cultivating courage and creativity, slowly and intentionally. It looks like coming up with an action plan to gain more freedom and confidence to create. More importantly, it looks like owning their stories and living their truth out loud.