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The new golf cheat code

Scott Fawcett isn’t a golf pro, and he doesn’t make golf clubs, yet in recent years he’s become a major influence in changing the way people play golf. By using data and satellite imagery, Fawcett has championed a strategic formula that is either a golf cheat code, or in the eyes of his critics, an oversimplification of a complex game. In this episode of Local Knowledge, Dan Rapaport examines Fawcett’s revolutionary approach to golf, how it might help players of all levels, and why it doesn’t sit well with golf purists.

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The best golf stories have multiple layers to them. In each episode, Local Knowledge dives deep into a subject golfers want to know about, whether it’s about the game they play, the competition at the highest level, or the surprising ways golf factors into larger conversations throughout society. Hosts Daniel Rapaport, Alex Myers, and Keely Levins weave together original interviews, Golf Digest reporting, and additional elements to tell the type of compelling stories that have been a Golf Digest staple for decades.