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LFP168 – A Superb Guide To “Open FS” Progress Around the World w/Keith Grose Head Plaid UK

av London Fintech Podcast | Publicerades 11/26/2020

Open Banking started a far greater wave, The ability for people to share ever-more of their financial data – not just current account but *everything* from mortgages to investments to pensions data promises to revolutionise the world of FS and people’s financial lives. In this excellent conversation Keith gives us a tour d’horizon and a […]

Om Podcasten

Interviews with key players in the London FinTech Scene. It really is a Golden Age of Innovation in Financial Services. Perhaps even larger than the last wave of innovation starting around Big Bang time in the 1980s. It is a once in a lifetime epochal shift. Who will be the Financial Services equivalents of amazon, google, facebook? Whoever they will be they will have captured a huge territory and will become the new, difficult to dislodge incumbents. How will this affect banking, insurance and the rest of Financial Services? Who are the people raiding the citadel? What are their stories?