Lost in Larrimah

3 - Humble Pie

av Lost in Larrimah | Publicerades 5/2/2018

If there's one thing Larrimah's residents can agree on, it's that Paddy Moriarty and Fran Hodgetts have been fighting for years. Now the grandmother, who make pies for a crust, has people driving past her teahouse accusing her of murder. But she has her own theory about what happened to Paddy. Music credits: Kevin Macleod - Thinking Music Doctor Turtle - New Boots Rag Doctor Turtle - I Snost I Lost Steve Combs - A Vital Piece of Music for All Your Soundtrack Needs Josh Woodward - Cant Take Our Love Away Instrumental Version Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Five Josh_Woodward - Don't Close Your Eyes Instrumental Doctor Turtle - You Um Ill Ah ​Chris Zabriskie - The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III

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An outback town, a missing man and 11 people who mostly hate each other. Kylie Stevenson and Caroline Graham get Lost in Larrimah.