Love Insight

Barnett and Amber

av Love Insight | Publicerades 5/12/2020

Barnett reveals the truth of the  LC, Jessica and Amber love triangle. And, he details a date we never saw. Plus, How he knew Amber was the one...and all the details of their  proposal Learn more about your ad-choices at

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Join Giannina Gibelli, star of the hit Netflix show Love Is Blind, for an episode by episode analysis of the first season. Love Is Blind is a worldwide phenomenon and we are breaking down every need-to-know, can't-live-without detail. GiGi found true love during her extraordinary unprecedented quest. Now, she teams up with play-by-play announcer Matt "Money" Smith for the vital Love Is Blind breakdown and armchair quarterback session. What better way to join in first hand on love stories that began in a POD than with the ultimate Love Is Blind podcast. Love In Sight is an iHeartRadio Podcast.