Love Insight

Damian Power(s) of Love

av Love Insight | Publicerades 4/14/2020

Their first date was not the success they hoped it would be. But, he had feeling for her...find out how he knew she was the one. Then, he left her at the altar. Damian reveals why he did that and how things turned around. The truth about why the sex wasn't good and how they both felt about it. Damian reveals what made him cry and why. Damian and Giannina interview each other for the first time...for the Love InSight we need.

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Join Giannina Gibelli, star of the hit Netflix show Love Is Blind, for an episode by episode analysis of the first season. Love Is Blind is a worldwide phenomenon and we are breaking down every need-to-know, can't-live-without detail. GiGi found true love during her extraordinary unprecedented quest. Now, she teams up with play-by-play announcer Matt "Money" Smith for the vital Love Is Blind breakdown and armchair quarterback session. What better way to join in first hand on love stories that began in a POD than with the ultimate Love Is Blind podcast. Love In Sight is an iHeartRadio Podcast.