199: The Most Important Love Advice You'd Give Yourself in Your 20s

We asked YOU what is the #1 piece of love advice you'd give yourself in your 20s, and boy did we get some good answers :) Join Matt, Audrey, Stephen and Jameson as they discuss their biggest lessons from their 20's and look at how much they are following through on today. --- The Virtual Retreat is officially back this June 2-4! And there's a special "Early Bird" offer available until the end of January. This means that if you lock in your spot for June now, you'll get the best price available ($200 off your ticket) as well as 3 bonuses to reward you for taking early action. To learn more, simply head to MHVirtualRetreat.com , where you can choose a time to speak with one of my trusted Retreat Specialists who are on hand to answer any questions you may have. --- Stuck in a "situationship" with someone who won't commit? Go to LeaveLimbo.com and download our free guide to finally Define The Relationship and get the commitment you deserve.

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Relationships are for heroes. Join bestselling author—and host of the #1 YouTube channel for women’s relationship advice—Matthew Hussey and his brother Stephen Hussey, as they offer tips and insights on how to make sense of the beautiful mess that is finding and maintaining love, while nurturing the relationship you have with yourself. In weekly episodes, they share practical advice, hard-won wisdom, and the occasional musing on relationships and the increasingly confusing world of modern dating. No matter your relationship status, the Love Life podcast will meet you where you are. About the Hosts: Matthew Hussey is the New York Times bestselling author of Get the Guy, and host of a YouTube channel that has received 400+ million views. Get the Guy co-writer and YouTuber Stephen Hussey holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University.