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KYLO Principle 1: Be Powerful

In the last 8 episodes, Danny and Brittney laid the groundwork for why whole, healthy families are going to save the world. In these next 5 episodes they're going to launch into how to keep your love on with The 5 KYLO Principles, starting with Principle #1: Be Powerful. Being a powerful person does not mean being angry, loud, or destructive. Being powerful means loving God, others, and ourselves like God loves. If you want to become a powerful person then cut the distractions and tune in because you about to learn what it takes to be a powerful person.--If you want to develop your character and build a whole, healthy family of your own, visit and get all our online courses plus access to additional training and resources. Visit --Referenced Resources:Keep Your Love On! by Danny Silk 

Om Podcasten

The KYLO show is a weekly podcast hosted by Danny Silk and Brittney Serpell. Each week they’ll discuss the principles and practices of keeping your love on and how to build, protect, and pass on healthy families from one generation to the next.