Is Luke going to be the Godfather of the twins?

We attempt another sibling prank, where listener Tasma sets up her Brother Zac, a non-Taylor Swift fan, to have to fake his excitement when he thinks he's live on the radio winning Taylor Swift tickets. We played in the Australian Open. Yes, us... and you're correct in thinking we're not professional tennis players. Somehow we fooled the organisers of the 'Glam Slam' tournament that we could play, and out of the two of us guess who won, and who's a sore loser? Following our bonus episodes on Scott's twin baby journey (which you can listen to here), you guys had SO many questions, so we tried to answer as many as we could, including 'will uncle Lukaboy be the Godfather?'. Today's Sibling Squabble is from Ali and involves getting locked in a suitcase. If you have a story of what you've done to a sibling or they've done to you, OR if you have a prank you want to pull on your sibling, slide into our podcast page DMs on Insta @lukeandsassyscottpodcast.   CREDITS: Hosts: Luke And Sassy Scott Producer: Mandy Catalano Supervising Producer: Lem Zakharia Executive Digital Producer: Oscar Gordon Social and Video Producer: Amy Code Audio imager: Nat Marshall Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh Talent Manager: Kirsty KassabisSee for privacy information.

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They became TikTok famous for their hilarious sibling squabbles, now brothers Luke and Scott share their outrageous, extremely personal and detailed stories on their podcast hoping others can relate and feel less crazy! They also take part in a series of pranks, constantly throwing each other under the bus and having a lot of laughs along the way. Hear them every Wednesday, or check them out on Tiktok @lukeandsassyscott and on Instagram @lukeandsassyscott and @lukeandsassyscottpodcast