Scott's Twin Baby Journey Pt. 3 - Scott's surrogate

For the very first time, we reveal all of the fascinating details behind Scott’s twin baby journey in a dedicated 3-part series. Half a million dollars and 6 years later, Scott and his husband Marcus rode the emotional highs and the gruelling lows of securing a willing egg donor and surrogate overseas to fulfil their lifelong dream of having children of their own. What’s most unique about this story is that one twin is biologically Scott’s, and the other twin is biologically his husband’s (same egg donor, different dads)! Since the bubs are due in February, here is the final instalment of the 3-part bonus series to answer all of your burning questions. The 3-part series covers: The gender of the twins which he and his husband were able to choose Whether the couple will find out whose baby is biologically whose Exactly how much the process has cost How they selected an egg donor, who she is and whether she’ll be in the children’s lives A call with the surrogate who reveals how many times she’s done this before, whether she’ll struggle to hand over the babies she has birthed, and if she knew who Luke & Scott were from TikTok … and so much more!   CREDITS: Hosts: Luke And Sassy Scott Producer: Mandy Catalano Supervising Producer: Lem Zakharia Executive Digital Producer: Oscar Gordon Social and Video Producer: Amy Code Audio imager: Nat Marshall Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh Talent Manager: Kirsty KassabisSee for privacy information.

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They became TikTok famous for their hilarious sibling squabbles, now brothers Luke and Scott share their outrageous, extremely personal and detailed stories on their podcast hoping others can relate and feel less crazy! They also take part in a series of pranks, constantly throwing each other under the bus and having a lot of laughs along the way. Hear them every Wednesday, or check them out on Tiktok @lukeandsassyscott and on Instagram @lukeandsassyscott and @lukeandsassyscottpodcast