We speak to someone with no limbs

New segment alert - Family Dramas! If you've got something juicy or crazy going on in your family and want us to weigh in on the drama, send in your story to the @lukeandsassyscottpodcast Instagram page. Our first one involves a scandalous cheating sister. We speak to one of the most fascinating and inspiring human beings in the world - Briel Adams Wheatley. She was born with no limbs and doesn't wear prosthetics, yet lives one of the most fulfilling lives and can do almost anything you might assume she can't. No questions are off limits with Briel as she gives us an insight into how she lives her life. Listener Alana sent in what we are going to say is by far the best Sibling Squabble we've ever received. This story is beyond F**KED! You can send yours in as a voice memo to our Instagram page... but be warned, Alana has set a new standard!   CREDITS: Hosts: Luke And Sassy Scott Producer: Mandy Catalano Supervising Producer: Lem Zakharia Executive Digital Producer: Oscar Gordon Social and Video Producer: Amy Code Audio imager: Nat Marshall Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh Talent Manager: Kirsty KassabisSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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They became TikTok famous for their hilarious sibling squabbles, now brothers Luke and Scott share their outrageous, extremely personal and detailed stories on their podcast hoping others can relate and feel less crazy! They also take part in a series of pranks, constantly throwing each other under the bus and having a lot of laughs along the way. Hear them every Wednesday, or check them out on Tiktok @lukeandsassyscott and on Instagram @lukeandsassyscott and @lukeandsassyscottpodcast