What did Scott do to our brother's wife?

Our eldest brother Trav joins us in today's episode to share some of the stories of when we terrorised him as kids... but it wasn't just him that copped it, his now wife Clare had to deal with us being absolute shitheads too!Sometimes we do weird things to get a job, like Luke choosing a rather odd photo to put on his resumé, but Scott's dedication back in the day to get a job at our current workplace was next level. Lucky they didn't remember us when they hired us for this podcast, otherwise we probably wouldn't be here.Not too long ago, Luke said something extremely embarrassing in front of a massive crowd of important people, which still haunts him to this day. You will squirm with him.Today's Sibling Squabble is borderline too much... please remember the girl in question was a small innocent child and didn't know any better.   CREDITS: Hosts: Luke And Sassy Scott Producer: Mandy Catalano Supervising Producer: Lem Zakharia Executive Digital Producer: Oscar Gordon Social and Video Producer: Amy Code Audio imager: Nat Marshall Managing Producer: Sam Cavanagh Talent Manager: Kirsty KassabisSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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They became TikTok famous for their hilarious sibling squabbles, now brothers Luke and Scott share their outrageous, extremely personal and detailed stories on their podcast hoping others can relate and feel less crazy! They also take part in a series of pranks, constantly throwing each other under the bus and having a lot of laughs along the way. Hear them every Wednesday, or check them out on Tiktok @lukeandsassyscott and on Instagram @lukeandsassyscott and @lukeandsassyscottpodcast