Lunch Therapy

Ep. 11 -- Christine Vachon's Hotel Room Snacks

av Lunch Therapy | Publicerades 10/14/2019

Christine Vachon is one of the most celebrated producers in the world of film and if I told you some of the movies she's made, your head would spin: Carol, Still Alice, Far From Heaven, Happiness, Velvet Goldmine, Kids, Boys Don't Cry, I Shot Andy Warhol, Craig's favorite movie ("Safe" by Todd Haynes) and one of my favorite movies ("Hedwig and the Angry Inch" by John Cameron Mitchell). On today's podcast, find out what she eats for lunch, what she considers the cinematic equivalent of a chicken Caesar salad, what she cooks for her family, and how she deals with the food Nazis at her daughter's school. We also cover her favorite food films (not what you'd guess!), her favorite food city in the world (spoiler: it's San Sebastian), and why one of the worst nights of her life was dinner at Blue Hill Stone Barns. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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Hi, I'm Adam Roberts, and I like analyzing people's lunches. As one of the first food bloggers and a comedy writer for film and TV, I'm fascinated by the ways in which what we eat reveal who we are. Join me as I playfully tease out people's psychological issues as we talk about what everyone eats for lunch. DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed lunch therapist. I do, however, make a killer BLT.