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av Lunch Therapy | Publicerades 7/25/2019

Lunch Therapy is a podcast where cookbook author and comedy writer Adam Roberts explores people's psychological issues based on what they eat for lunch. Sounds crazy? Well "crazy" isn't a very useful word, anyway. Make sure to subscribe to get updated on new episodes, and follow Adam's daily lunches on Instagram: @lunchtherapy. Who knows? He might even diagnose yours. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

Om Podcasten

Hi, I'm Adam Roberts, and I like analyzing people's lunches. As one of the first food bloggers and a comedy writer for film and TV, I'm fascinated by the ways in which what we eat reveal who we are. Join me as I playfully tease out people's psychological issues as we talk about what everyone eats for lunch. DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed lunch therapist. I do, however, make a killer BLT.