Macro Sunday #37 - Inflation is BACK! - Guest: Freya Beamish

We discuss the resurgence of US inflation, which rhymes well with our forward looking indicators. Will inflation return to 2% at all in this cycle? Our guest Freya Beamish of TS Lombard is not positive on China, but sees a strong structural case in Japan. Tune in! Find our latest insights on inflation here - to go to - 14 day free trial.Hosts: Andreas Steno & Mikkel Rosenvold.If you enjoy our content, Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel:➡️ #trading  #interestrate#useconomy#macroeconomy#cryptocurrency #crypto #mortgageinterestrates#usgdp#economicrecession#usrecession#softlanding #redsea #podcast   #economy #banking

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