Macro Sunday #38 - MELT UP! Special guest: Mads Eberhardt

Assets are melting up right, left and center as the optimism around thebusiness cycle is improving. Is it fair to assume that countries outside of the US are improving? And how do you trade the cyclical comeback?Crypto assets are also celebrating the cyclical uptick and we are joined by Mads Eberhardt to discuss the Crypto market post the launch of Bitcoin ETFs.Find our FREE newsletter here - our Crypto offering - to go to - 14 day free trial.Hosts: Andreas Steno & Mikkel Rosenvold.If you enjoy our content, Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel:➡️ #trading  #interestrate#useconomy#macroeconomy#cryptocurrency #crypto #mortgageinterestrates#usgdp#economicrecession#usrecession#softlanding #redsea #podcast   #economy #banking#crypto

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Each and every Sunday, former Global Chief Strategist of Nordea Bank, Andreas Steno, invites colleagues and friends of Steno Research to share their views on the world of macro and geopolitics with loads of actionable content.We will maintain FULL independence without capital interests in having specific views and provide 100% transparency around how we trade and view the worldThe podcast will be the most entertaining and yet serious podcast in the Macro Space and as you will notice our trade ideas will be “SOMETIMES MAYBE GOOD, SOMETIMES MAYBE SHIT” (Listen to understand the context)  Find out more about Steno Research with the 30% discount code “macro30” at