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Bits vs Sats

av Magical Crypto Friends | Publicerades 2/24/2021

The Magical Crypto Friends Show Episode 22: Bits vs Sats In this episode we discuss the following topics: • Shitcoin in Congress • Zcash full rewrite • Advising your family to invest in Bitcoin/Litecoin/Monero • Bits vs Sats • Questions from fans Got questions you want us to answer? Got topics you want us to discuss? Put them in the comments below, or Tweet at @magicalcrypto. If you're feeling generous and would like to see more cool content feel free to donate something: Bitcoin: 3NQms9Mw41QzRiLUeHqcQmw4KGffxbeM3X Litecoin: MFpH1fECensznUE79XBBqnKUKFd58KGtQF Monero: 48mcfqHkbXhM4H14W5ztC2KBfRprtEp85aQPJaqLnPLTAJ53xQJhPxEJYigcHhrF9NafPK5T3UvokQjhDMqVqGvCNMRHgZ4 Bcash: ROFL All donations will be used for the further development of the show.

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Join Pony, Lion, Panda, & Chikun on their adventures in magical cryptoland! Riccardo Spagni 🐴, Samson Mow 🦁, WhalePanda 🐼, and Charlie Lee 🐔 discuss the hottest topics about cryptocurrencies. Discussions cover anything from Proof of Work, nodes, consensus, forks, as well as specific cryptocurrency projects like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and many others. None of this is investment advice and everyone should do his/her own research. But you should buy Bitcoin!