A satnav to social impact with Sara Osterholzer, The Good Business Club

Imagine not having to explain to people your mission to balance impact and profit. It's powerful and energising to work with people who get what you're doing and why .Sara Osterholzer co-founded the Good Business Club, an alternative business network fostering "collaboration connection and confidence for small, good business owners and freelancers who want to make a difference, as well as a living. " She's on a mission to reach 2021 budding impact entrepreneurs this year so they can start and scale "businesses that the world needs."In this episode she demystifies what good practice looks like, describes how she measures her impact and reveals her long-term goals. She also covers why she came to launch the Good Business Club and has advice for new entrepreneurs about mindset, purpose and direction.What next:Here's the impact measurement tool Sara mentions in the podcast.Visit The Good Business Club online and on Twitter.Heidi's new book shares everything she knows about impact measurement and management – and how to implement it in your organisation. Order your copy of Impact First – The Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Measuring, Managing and Growing Your Impact at https://www.makeanimpactcic.co.uk/my-book-impact-first

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Make An Impact Podcast is the podcast for you if you're a social entrepreneur or purpose led business owner, or desire to be one, and want to be inspired to make a bigger impact on people and the planet.Heidi Fisher MBE talks to social entrepreneurs who have set up all kinds of enterprises, and finds out more about how they are successfully running their social enterprises, and making a positive impact in the world.In the conversations you'll find out what they are doing so you can develop your social enterprise using their practical tips, why they do what they do, the impact their social enterprise has and how they measure their impact, and more.There's also exclusive interviews with Heidi where she shares her tips and knowledge around social enterprise and impact measurement.#socialenterprise #impactmeasurement