Economic, Environmental and Tech Impact for Social Entrepreneurs

Tiny changes in how you use technology can make a profound impact on your carbon footprint.By thinking about the entire life cycle of a product, from raw materials to what happens when it really can't serve its original purpose, social and purpose-driven entrepreneurs can re-evaluate what tools they use and when to replace them.In this episode, Heidi covers proactive and realistic steps you can take right away to ensure you don't just consume and create for the sake of it. And she examines issues to consider when it comes to the economic impact of your activities.

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Make An Impact Podcast is the podcast for you if you're a social entrepreneur or purpose led business owner, or desire to be one, and want to be inspired to make a bigger impact on people and the planet.Heidi Fisher MBE talks to social entrepreneurs who have set up all kinds of enterprises, and finds out more about how they are successfully running their social enterprises, and making a positive impact in the world.In the conversations you'll find out what they are doing so you can develop your social enterprise using their practical tips, why they do what they do, the impact their social enterprise has and how they measure their impact, and more.There's also exclusive interviews with Heidi where she shares her tips and knowledge around social enterprise and impact measurement.#socialenterprise #impactmeasurement