Propelling unsung heroes to even greater impact with Nicole Helwig

Does your work create social change and are you an extraordinary business leader? If so, you could apply for the Cambridge Social Innovation Prize, which offers a £10,000 cash award to up to four winners for their personal and professional development alongside expert mentoring support.It's an exciting opportunity to accelerate your impact and today's guest Nicole Helwig explains more about the Prize, its purpose and impact, how to apply, and gives a vital piece of advice if you're thinking of applying.Nicole took up her role as Programme Director, Cambridge Social Ventures in the middle of the pandemic. What was that like, and how does Cambridge Social Ventures measure its impact? What programmes and support does it offer social innovators and impactful business leaders and how have these evolved? How did Nicole and colleagues ensure the "moments when the magic happens" weren't lost?Nicole also explains how she become involved with social enterprise, why she wanted to lead Cambridge Social Ventures, and reflects on social enterprise ecosystems and innovation with an international perspective (Nicole was brought up in Newfoundland).From ballet to business for social change, via Canada, South East Asia and Cambridge: Nicole is a fascinating guest for season 5's first episode.Links:Cambridge Social Ventures – details about the Cambridge Social Innovation Prize – the application deadline is Friday 8 April 2022 about Heidi's work at

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