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📷 SHOW LOVE Ep012 | Potent Inspiration ft. Si Moore 📷

av Make Better Wedding Films | Publicerades 4/10/2020

📷 SHOW LOVE Ep012 | Potent Inspiration ft. Si Moore 📷   When Si & Soph started Bayly & Moore, they wanted to surround themselves with the best, most potent inspiration. They knew that in order to create great work, they had to consume great work. You are what you eat...   On today’s show, I chat with Si about how we can step out from underneath the torrent of beautiful imagery we scroll past every day and take a different, more intentional approach to getting inspired.    Throughout the show, Si rattles off an impressive list of references, so for those of you watching the video version I’ve added these images in to the show to help us all keep up!   Sit back and enjoy :)   Host: Ben Journée - Side Project Films   Guest: Si Moore -  Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired:

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