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E04 - Crafting excitement ft. Humdrum Films

av Make Better Wedding Films | Publicerades 8/11/2019

 🎥🎤SHOW LOVE - EPISODE FOUR! 🎤🎥 Crafting Excitement ft. Humdrum Films.   This month I sit down to chat with Jared and Jacob from Humdrum Films. These boys produce some of the best, most energetic wedding films in my opinion and they give some great insight for anyone who wants their films to stand out from the crowd. Today’s topic “Crafting excitement” is one I chose specifically for these boys as their films have an undeniable energy and go against the grain of how most people are producing wedding films today. Whether it’s the gear they are using (or not using!) or their attitude when filming on the day, there is a whole lot to learn! Sit back and enjoy :) Listen to the audio version on Spotify:  Host: Ben Journee - Side Project Films Guests: Jared Kettle & Jacob Williams - Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired: 

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