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SHOW LOVE E014 | Our Community ft. John Bunn & Nick Miller from How To Film Weddings

av Make Better Wedding Films | Publicerades 6/12/2020

‘Wholesome hustle’ is a phrase I would use to describe John & Nick’s approach to growing their podcast ‘How To Film Weddings’. No-one can deny the time, effort and vision these two have put into this project that they began back in 2018.    Besides the educational benefit that podcasts like ours bring to wedding filmmakers, what’s sets How To Film Weddings apart (I believe) is the community support that John and Nick have built around their content. Their Facebook group (with roughly 6,400 members) is meticulously curated with weekly threads, discussions, critiques and support.    (well managed) Facebook groups, in my opinion are one of the best tools stay-at-home-creatives have to stay connected with their peers, talk shop, ask advice and generally have the sense of community that a communal office would otherwise provide.    On today’s show, I talk with John and Nick about how they grew their podcast and the values they use to grow their thriving community.     Join the group here👇   HTFW on Youtube:  Instagram: @howtofilmweddings   Host: Ben Journée - Side Project Films   Guests: John Bunn & Nick Miller - How To Film Weddings  Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired:

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