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SHOW LOVE E015 | Stills to Motion ft. Chris Turner

av Make Better Wedding Films | Publicerades 7/24/2020

Todays episode is a little different, this one is specifically for the photographers and I'm joined by Chris Turner to talk through everything a wedding photographer needs to know to start experimenting in the world of video. We're going right back to basics talking about settings, gear, editing software and how none of them have to slow you down or take your focus away from your photography. Todays episode is for any photographer who has thought about how to add a simple video option as an add on for their couples but hasn't known where to start. And for anyone wondering... As a videographer, I really don't see photographers learning video and offering video to their couples as a downside to my business. As Chris mentions in the episode, there will always be couples who want a full service videography team to go all out on a video, but there are a lot of couples who just want "a little video extra" and this is where photographers are perfectly placed to fill that need as a suplimentary service to their photography. Besides, photographers who know video make for freaking epic second shooters! So get learning people! Also, Chris and I have a few resources on the basics of editing over on our YouTube channels, so go give those a watch if you'd like to learn more  ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ▶️ Chris' tutorial on editing: ▶️ My tutorial on footage organisation: Host: Ben Journée Guest: Chris Turner

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