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Thrive or Survive ft. Eric Floberg

av Make Better Wedding Films | Publicerades 9/9/2020

Now is the time to invest in yourself, to take this as an opportunity to develop and thrive as a creative entrepreneur. For the established videographers, it’s time for us to develop and diversify, to strengthen our businesses and clearly define our brands. For up and coming videographers, it’s time to learn and prepare for the post COVID wedding season when all the established videographers will be booked solid due to postponements. On today’s show I’m extremely excited to get to chat with a creative I’ve followed for a while now. Eric’s honest, passionate, humorous and practical approach to educating creatives is a breath of fresh air on the crowded YouTube platform. Eric and I discuss the multitude of potentials and possibilities that a time like this brings us as creatives and how we can use the time we have access to now as a resource to invest into our businesses. Subscribe (if you haven’t already) to Eric on YouTube for more great insights and advice: Host: Ben Journee Guest: Eric Floberg Music: Doing Just Fine by Lakey Inspired:

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