Ep 25 - Self-belief without memes and ‘must do’ stuff

Av Make it Real

Avsnittet publicerades: 12/5/2019


The story of how a personal trainer went from running a gym to telling people not to go to the gym! Dominique is the founder of the ‘Anti-Fitness Project’ – and you can’t get more real than this fascinating individual. Are we being drawn into messages that go against our natural real-ness? This chat is about life and business – a must listen.

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This is for small business owners who like to come across as real people when they communicate online and offline! Insights and tactics from very real and very experienced people who can help you avoid the hype and be true to you as you grow your business. Avoid losing your voice, inadvertently breaking trust or even running away! Communication Impact Coach and Actor Trisha Lewis brings you cracking interviews, resources and show notes.