Ep 8 - Being professional and weird at the same time

Av Make it Real

Avsnittet publicerades: 9/1/2019


Simon Jacobs - founder of Professional Weirdos - Yes – you can be ‘you’, be ‘different’, use humour, and still grow a successful business! Yes you can go and sell yourself to big corporates in this way – and get engagement from them! We are wired for conformity – so you have to put conscious effort into not conforming. Grow a community around you that feels interesting – that you want to engage with yourself.

‘You want to attract the people that like the stuff that you do differently.’

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This is for small business owners who like to come across as real people when they communicate online and offline! Insights and tactics from very real and very experienced people who can help you avoid the hype and be true to you as you grow your business. Avoid losing your voice, inadvertently breaking trust or even running away! Communication Impact Coach and Actor Trisha Lewis brings you cracking interviews, resources and show notes.