Make it Real

Public Speaking - it is not about you!

av Make it Real | Publicerades 3/26/2020

Nick Diakanastasis helps introverts ace their public speaking - with some good old-school technique! We talk breath, voice and end-users… we question just who you are showing up for and why? We pull the term ‘confident’ apart… and Nick gives us all a good dose of reality and perspective. Needless to say we also talk about Nick’s evolution - things will resonate. 

Om Podcasten

This is for small business owners who like to come across as real people when they communicate online and offline! Insights and tactics from very real and very experienced people who can help you avoid the hype and be true to you as you grow your business. Avoid losing your voice, inadvertently breaking trust or even running away! Communication Impact Coach and Actor Trisha Lewis brings you cracking interviews, resources and show notes.