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Ep 7: Iskra Lawrence

On this special episode of Reign, Josh talks to L'Oreal Paris ambassador, model, entrepreneur and body image activist Iskra Lawrence Iskra was dropped by her modelling agency at just 15 years old for being in quotation marks, "TOO BIG," which led to body image issues and disordered eating. Since her recovery Iskra has been determined to change the perception of women across society. Here Iskra opens up about her journey towards feeling worth it including the toxic relationships, mental health and body image issues she's had to overcome along the way and how becoming a mother gave her a new respect for her body. She also candidly opens up about the street harassment she has experienced in her life and how we need to encourage men to have conversations about their behaiour. Open and honest conversations are key to making it reign and as Iskra powerfully shows talking about her insecurities ultimately saved her, so we hope this episode encourages you to embrace your worth and let your voice be heard. You can follow Josh on social media across @joshsmithhosts and don't forget to subscribe, follow, rate and comment if you loved the episode as we love to hear from you, queens! Josh will be back to Make it Reign with another Queen next time!This special episode is sponsored by L'Oreal Paris who are celebrating 50 years of the iconic phrase BECAUSE YOU'RE WORTH IT. Since then L’Oreal Paris has continuously encouraged women to stand up, be heard and be the change they want to see in society, showing that we’re ALL worth it!

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