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"Love Yourself" with The Mom Forum's Elisha Beach | Mamas In Progress Podcast - Episode #28

av Mamas In Progress | Publicerades 2/23/2021

The Mamas welcome The Mom Forum's Elisha Beach for a candid conversation about "Love Yourself." Elisha Beach, a.k.a. a professional mom complete with a B.A. in Child Development, is a birth mom of 3, adoptive mom of 1 and a stepmom of 4 step-“adults"... 8 kids in total  (and a dog).  She is also wife to actor  Michael Beach and they have been happily married since 2007 despite the fact that she must always be right, is a terrible housekeeper, laundry avoider, and rarely organizes the refrigerator.She is a former professional ballet dancer who still practices her pirouettes and arabesque in the kitchen while making home cooked meals. She loves to share home cooking tips on her live Facebook show What’s For Dinner Wednesdays. She manages to keep her sanity through all the chaos by surrounding herself with momma friends, avidly practicing self care and sharing her truth about mom life through blogging. In 2017, she founded The Mom Forum and it has since expanded to include the video series Best Mom Friends and #MomLife, Facebook Live series Monday Mom Chat and What’s for Dinner Wednesdays, and in person events and workshops such as the Mom Self-care Workshop and Moms’ Night Out.The Mom Forum Podcast launched In July 2018 and features intimate mom-to-mom conversations sharing the journey to and through motherhood.In 2018, Elisha released The Mom Self-care Planner, a workbook to help moms create personal self-care plans for their daily life and is working to launch her virtual self-care bootcamp.-------------------For more on Elisha follow on IG @mylifeisabeach and @themomforumOr send an email to: more on Mamas In Progress:Follow on Facebook & Instagram @mamasinprogress.  Email us at mamasinprogress@gmail.comWatch on YouTube @blackoaktv

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