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Showbiz Mom Life | Mamas In Progress Podcast - Episode #32

av Mamas In Progress | Publicerades 3/23/2021

You may have seen her most recently on the hit TV show All American, or on Tyler Perry's Sistas or in dozens of other TV and film appearances. And now she's coming through with a word on the Mamas in Progress podcast! The Mamas were thrilled to talk with award-wining "multiartist" Keena Ferguson about her  journey as  an actor, writer, producer, director, voice artist and more, as she also balances motherhood and family life.Keena has not let pandemic-life slow her down from showing the world her talent. She's continued working, coaching other creatives & content creators, and even released a powerful 1-minute film titled "Stopped" that she wrote and directed. And on top of all of this, she's also days away from welcoming her 2nd child! ------------------For more on Keena:Follow her on Instagram @keenastarSubscribe on YouTube @keenaferguson (and check out "Stopped")Visit her coaching website and more on Mamas in Progress:Follow on Instagram & Facebook @mamasinprogressSubscribe and watch on YouTube @blackoaktvSend an email to

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