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MSG013: Chinese Food Slang (Wanying)

av Mandarin Slang Guide | Publicerades 1/11/2020

Follow Wanying! Harry Potter stuff (in Chinese): Museologue (博物志) Instagram: bowuzhi Vocab: 1. 吃货 (chī huò) Foodie 2. 上火 (shàng huǒ) A physical condition thought to be caused by certain foods in traditional Chinese medicine, with symptoms like heartburn, ulcers, and pimples. 3. 撑了 (chēng le) Completely stuffed 4. 多喝热水 (duō hē rè shuǐ) “Drink more warm water,” the most common suggestion for almost literally any problem you might have. A: 哎呦,我吃撑了! B: 你真是个吃货。你吃什么了? A: 火锅。 B: 哇!吃火锅会上火! A: 怎么办? B: 多喝热水吧。 Flash cards and Q&A on Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat! Himalaya: Apple Podcasts: Twitter: @msgmandarin Facebook: Web: https://www.ogden-dav...

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