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MSG014: Chinese Fashion Slang (Adrianna)

av Mandarin Slang Guide | Publicerades 1/18/2020

1. 潮流 (cháo liú) Trends 2. 时髦 (shí máo) Stylish 3. 复古 (fù gǔ) Retro 4. 未来主义 (wèi lái zhǔ yì) Futurism 5. 优雅 (yōu yǎ) Elegant, timeless style 6. 经典 (jīng diǎn) Classic (describing objects) 7. 风格 (fēng gé) Style (sometimes shortened to 风 when used like a suffix) 8. 欧美 (ōu měi) “Euro-American”, or “western” 9. 日韩 (rì hán) “Japanese & Korean” 【Follow Adrianna! Insta: themulanshow WeiBo: the木兰show】 Join the WeChat group! WeChat: msgpodcast Flash cards and Q&A on Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat! Himalaya: Apple Podcasts: Twitter: @msgmandarin Facebook: Web: MSG is bringing you the delicious Chinese learning content that you need. We go inside the language to bring you the culture and stories behind the words t...

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