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MSG020: Chinese Back to Work Slang (Avers)

av Mandarin Slang Guide | Publicerades 2/28/2020

1. 打卡 (dǎ kǎ) Clock in/out, check in 2. 摸鱼 (mō yú) “Touch the fish;” slack off. Comes from the chengyu 浑水摸鱼, “muddy the water to catch the fish.” 3. 社畜 (shè chù) “Society animal,” a person who is like a farm animal, and the farm is their job. Something like “corporate slave.” 4. 搬砖 (bān zhuān) “Hauling bricks,” describing one’s work as mindless labor. 5. 葛优躺 (gěyōu tǎng) The “Ge You” recline; lying around staring into space, doing nothing Join the WeChat group! WeChat: msgpodcast Flash cards and Q&A on Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat! Twitter: @msgmandarin Facebook: Web: Himalaya: Apple Podcasts: MSG is bringing you the delicious Chinese learning content that you need. We go inside the language to bring you the cult...

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